[opensource] PyOhio and PyCamp 2014

Chris Calloway cbc at unc.edu
Wed Apr 16 18:43:46 EDT 2014

I'm surprised there hasn't been a PyOhio announcement here yet. So I'll 
make one now and add a request.

PyOhio 2014 and PyCamp 2014 are graciously sponsored by The Ohio State 
University Open Source Club and are held in The Ohio Union.

PyOhio 2014, the free and largest regional Python conference now in its 
seventh year, is the weekend of July 26-27. The call for talk proposals 
is currently open:


PyOhio PyCamp 2014, the Python training program of PyOhio, is the 
weekend before PyOhio, July 21-25. This year there are scholarships for 
women and minorities and as always there are discounts for OSU students, 
staff, and faculty. Registration is open now:


None of this would have been possible without the amazing work of Chris 

I have a favor to ask. Last year there was some, but not great, 
awareness of PyCamp on the OSU campus. A PyCamp alum and grad student in 
the OSU FABE department came up with some ideas about how to change 
that. A couple of his ideas require a student organization to initiate. 
As the sponsoring organization for PyCamp, I'm asking if one or some of 
the student OSUOSC members can help with any of these ideas. I know it's 
coming up against exams. But I'd like to see information about PyCamp 
get out on campus before the semester ends and everybody leaves for the 
summer. PyCamp is really targeted at university researchers. Yet there 
were only a handful at PyCamp last year. Most of the audience came from 
the surrounding community. It was like people off campus knew more about 
PyOhio and PyCamp than people on campus where they were taking place. 
Anyway, the new ideas as such are:

1) A student organization may submit information to placed in the 
"Student Organization Insider" weekly newsletter sent out by The Ohio 
Union. The contact for this is the Ohio Union Coordinator for Student 
Involvement and Organizations, Teneshia Arnold, arnold.996 at osu.edu, 
(614) 292-1319.

2) A student organization may submit a flyer to be displayed on the 
video screens in the Ohio Union. The contact is the same as the above. 
PyOhio PyCamp 2014 already has a flyer ready to go at:


3) Any assistance you can render toward getting the word out on campus 
would be appreciated. We especially need to find our way onto campus 
departmental email lists among the communities of interest to Python 
(sciences, engineering, GIS, applied mathematics, etc.). In the past we 
have approached individual professors who themselves have shown interest 
in Python. But I don't think that was terribly effective.

If you need ready-made text for newsletters or announcements, this works:

PyOhio PyCamp 2014 returns to the Ohio Union July 21-25, sponsored by 
The Ohio State University Open Source Club. PyCamp is an ultra-low-cost, 
week-long, intensive boot-camp experience in the Python programming 
language preferred by today's researchers. PyCamp is for beginners. You 
can become productive with Python in one week at PyCamp. For more 
information see http://tripython.org/pyohio14

My idea guy at OSU also has the idea of approaching the OSU Weekly and 
the campus newspaper. But I think that is something I'm going to handle 
with a press release unless you advise otherwise.

Thank you. If I can answer any questions about PyCamp, please don't 
hesitate to ask. I hope to see some of you there.


Chris Calloway http://nccoos.org/Members/cbc
office: 3313 Venable Hall   phone: (919) 599-3530
mail: Campus Box #3300, UNC-CH, Chapel Hill, NC 27599

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