[opensource] Really interesting full-time opportunity at Chase

Chris Wallace wallace.586 at osu.edu
Wed Apr 30 18:24:44 EDT 2014

Hi everyone. See the attached *full time* opportunity at Chase. Any
questions or interests can be sent to:

Devin Smith <publicstringdevin at gmail.com>

Developer position:

Ever been curious about how to build software that can scale to thousands
of transactions per second?  Seriously, stop and think.  If you think
serving up a web page is a transaction, then you're missing the point.  Do
you know how to deal with database locking, multi-threading, distributed
caching, and transaction coordination across multiple separate applications
which may or may not support distributed and that's just scratching the
surface.  Intrigued? Read on.

Work as part of a small agile team with people who are at least as smart as
you are.  But with all the perks of working for a large company.

Work on software involved in moving trillions of dollars at thousands of
transactions per second.

Learn how to build enterprise grade software that cannot fail.

We are more interested in someone who knows how to program than someone who
knows the exact tools we will be using. Very few people know the tools we
are using, which means that if you don't like it here you can take those
skills on a lucrative consulting job to any bank in the country.

Tools: Java, hibernate, JMS, IBM Message Broker, MQ, Linux

*Chris Wallace*
The Ohio State University | Computer Science & Engineering 2015
President | Ohio State Open Source Club
Treasurer | Ohio State ASEE Student Chapter
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