[opensource] Oculus Rift and Filmmaking

Chris Wallace cbwcjw at gmail.com
Sat Aug 9 15:29:52 EDT 2014

Hi everyone, see attached.


Hi guys,

This is Mike Brazier.  I'm looking for a few people to discuss the creation
of an immersive, 360 degree film using the Oculus Rift.
I'd like to get a few core members who are skilled with programming, and
also interested in the potential that virtual reality holds.

It's very much within our potential to get a team together and make a short
film.  Oculus Rift films are slowly starting to become a reality, and I
think that it'd be incredible if Ohio State had one of the first
student-developed, independently released OR films ever.

The medium is brand new, thusly we have an opportunity to do something no
one else has done before.  It's a huge mix between engineering and art,
too, so if you're openminded the possibilities are endless.

If this sounds interesting to you, please reply to Brazier.6 at osu.edu.  I'd
like to hit the ground running this fall semester.

Let's talk,
*Chris Wallace*
The Ohio State University | Computer Science and Engineering 2015
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