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We will be at the involvement fair. Come help out or just say hi!

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Subject: Student Involvement Fair Final Registration Confirmation
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 Student Involvement Fair 2014 Registration Confirmation for Open Source

*Date:* Sunday, August 24th

*Event Time:* 4:00PM - 8:00PM

*Check-in opens:*  1:30PM

*Check-in closes:*  3:30PM

*Check-in location:* Between Mendenhall Laboratory and Orton Hall (on the

**If your organization does not check in by 3:30 p.m., the table reserved
for your group will be given to another organization*

*Check-out opens*: 8:00PM

*Check-out closes*: 9:30PM

****If your organization does not check out by 9:30PM, your group will not
be able to participate in the Student Involvement Fair in Spring Semester*

*Check-Out Location*: Provided to your organization at Check-In

*You are receiving this as the primary contact for your organization’s
Student Involvement Fair registration. It is your responsibility to share
this information with all members of your organization that will be present
the day of the Student Involvement Fair.*

*Everything you need to know is included in this email. *

We are very excited that you are an active student organization
participating in the 2014 Student Involvement Fair! Please opt-in for
general text updates by texting “@sifair” at (614) 468 – 5638. For specific
student organization announcements such as emergency alerts, please opt-in
by texting “@siforgs” at (614) 468 – 5638.

The day of, please check in to receive your table assignment and other
pertinent information.  We will have a limited number of bottles of water
available however we strongly encourage your organization to prepare for
the August heat and stay hydrated during the event. You will have the
option to pick up one or two chairs, while supplies last. Each table will
have plastic table cover, with the color representing each specific section
of the Student Involvement Fair.

All tables will be assigned to a specific section and then you may choose
any open table within that section. You must check-in before taking your
materials to your selected table.  Any member of your organization may
check-in for your table at the Student Involvement Fair. If you want to be
placed next to another specific organization, we encourage you to check-in
at the same time so that you can claim tables next to each other.

All tables must be returned to the designated check-out location for your
section. Any member of your organization may check-out by returning your
table. Failure to return your table will mean forfeiture of your
organization’s opportunity to participate in the Student Involvement Fair
in the future.

Your table will be in the Student Organization section.


We encourage you to walk to the Oval, but if you must drive, you should use
the Ohio Union South Parking Garage (1759 N. High Street).  You are
responsible for the hourly rate to park in the garage. Cars parked or
stopped in a fire lane will be ticketed. Please be advised that normal
campus parking rules apply the day of the Student Involvement Fair.
Absolutely no vehicles are permitted in the registration area or on the
Oval without prior permission.

Severe Weather

In case of severe weather, the Student Involvement Fair will be moved to
the French Field House.  If the rain plan has to be utilized, groups will
be notified via email the morning of the Student Involvement Fair and
information will be posted to the Ohio Union website:

If the rain location is utilized, we will not be able to accommodate all
tables due to space restrictions. Your participation status will be sent
out via email.

*Table/Display Policies*

   - All displays beyond what can be contained within your 8’ table space
   will need prior approval. Submit your requests and a detailed description
   including a picture, dimensions, weight to sifair at osu.edu *by Wednesday,
   August 20th at 5PM*.  Please do not bring any large items such as tents,
   boats, motorcycles, vehicles, robots, generators, sofas, etc., for display
   unless given prior permission.
   - No organizations are permitted to stake anything into the ground of
   the Oval.
   - All participants must stay at their assigned locations. Roaming the
   Student Involvement Fair may result in dismissal from the event.
   - At least two legs of your table must remain on the sidewalk throughout
   the entire Student Involvement Fair.
   - Make sure you have someone scheduled to be at your table at all times
   (from 4:00PM – 8:00PM). Empty tables will be re-assigned to other student
   - Selling of any kind will not be allowed at the Student Involvement
   - Tables will need to be returned to the appropriate check-out location
   for your section. Specific directions for this will be given as a part of
   check-in and groups that do not return their tables will not be able to
   participate in the Student Involvement Fair in the future.

Items to consider before the Student Involvement Fair:

   - Student organizations should be sure to make copies and posters in the
   Resource Room as early as possible. It will be very busy the day of the
   Involvement Fair. There will also be a limit of 150 copies for Student
   Involvement Fair related items. The Resource Room hours will be:

Thursday, August 21st 9:00AM-6:00PM, Friday, August 22nd 9:00AM-8:00PM,
Saturday, August 23rd 10:45AM-8:00PM and Sunday, August 24th 10:45AM until

   - It is important to read the Oval rules and regulations at:
   If Oval rules are broken, we reserve the right to ask you to leave the
   Student Involvement Fair and you may be responsible for any resulting
   damage to the grounds.
   - Please read the Food Safety Guidelines at
   Only prepackaged baked goods, candy, etc. may be given out.  No homemade
   food items may be given out at the Involvement Fair. In addition, only
   Coca-Cola brand beverages may be distributed on campus.

Here are some extra tips to make your experience at the Student Involvement
Fair great for everyone:

   - Table section assignments are final. We will have volunteers checking
   each section to enforce this.
   - The groups that get the most attention at their table are fun,
   interactive and aesthetically pleasing – giveaways or stand up displays
   catch attention. The better your display, the more students you’ll likely
   get to sign up with your organization!
   - Due to space restrictions around your table area, we strongly
   encourage limiting the number of people representing your organization at
   your table.
   - We encourage you to maximize your technological resources and limit
   paper waste.
   - Please note we reserve the right to ask groups to leave the Student
   Involvement Fair or remove items from their table.
   - After the Student Involvement Fair, please return your chairs to the
   check-in area and clean up your area. Additional trash and recycling
   receptacles will be located around the Oval.

Thank you again for your involvement! If you have any questions leading up
to the Student Involvement Fair, please email sifair at osu.edu or call
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