[opensource] (Unofficial) Monthly Mopensource Movienight

William Osler william at oslers.us
Fri Feb 21 17:27:02 EST 2014

Good evening Open Source members,

A few of us are planning a (totally unofficial) movie night thing tonight where we invade a room (probably CL 120 because people know where it is) and show some movies on the projector. Tonight at 7:30pm we're planning on watching The Room (yes, the one with Tommy Wiseau) and Hackers. If you don't have anything better to do tonight it should be more fun than staying home and recompiling your kernel (unless you really really like compiling kernels). Maybe if enough people show up it can be a regular thing, and we can take suggestions and organize food. If you have any ideas/questions/suggestions/flames, you can best reach me on IRC (tag Librewulf in your message).

Happy hacking,
William Osler

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