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 Hello Christopher,

Thanks for the reply, via Linked-In.

I went ahead and pasted below the details of the opportunity for the Web
App Developer position.

Feel free to have qualified candidates reach out to me.


Kyle T Hill

Ohio State Web App Developer within the Dept. of Biomedical Informatics

OSU Biomedical Informatics

The Department of Biomedical Informatics (BMI) is the scholarly home for
Biomedical Informatics research, education, and practice at The Ohio State
University Wexner Medical Center (OSUWMC). Faculty, staff, and trainees in
BMI pursue a broad range of basic and applied Biomedical Informatics
innovations, spanning a translational spectrum from the basic sciences to
clinical practice to public health. A cornerstone of these endeavors is the
conduct of interdisciplinary team science, enabled via interaction and
engagement with complimentary health sciences, biological, mathematical,
computational, engineering, cognitive, and management disciplines and
programs found throughout the campus of The Ohio State University.

Informatics Research and Development (IRD) is the home of BMI’s full-time
software engineering and research services staff. The Software Engineering
division of IRD develops software solutions that range in time from months
to several years for a variety of uses including internal research
projects, OSUWMC applications, contract-based and grant funded research.
Position Description

The IRD Software Engineering team is seeking web developers to design,
implement and optimize web applications in projects that store, query,
analyze and manipulate collections of very large multi-dimensional
datasets, including clinical, bio-molecular and genomic data.  A successful
candidate must understand how to apply web application architecture in
order to leverage software oriented architectures (SOA) and to provide
reusable modules / plugins that can be applied to multiple projects.

This position will report directly to an IRD senior developer, serving as
personnel manager, and one or more Project Leads, who coordinate work
assignments and projects that are aligned with BMI, OSUWMC IT and OSUWMC

*Highlighted Notes*

·         Ideally, the main skills they are looking for is good Java core
skills (experience with JQuery, Json, Restful Web Services) and Web App
Development experience.

·         This is a very close knit team the candidate will be working on;
I Technical Lead, 1 PM, 1 BA, the Technology Director and the 1 Developer

·         Willing to consider candidates without Grails experience and
willing to train them on the technology

·         The rest web services will be consumed as well; they do not need
someone to create the services from scratch

·         The majority of the base application has already been developed;
it is essentially a Bio-Specimen Management System that will be used by
Medical Practitioners in pulling/entering blood and tissue specimen data

*What you bring:*

·         Practical experience with JavaScript and CSS.

·         Knowledge of SOA integration, specifically the consumption of
RESTful services within the Java ecosystem.

·         Desire and capability to investigate new open source technologies
and present them to the team.

·         Desire to gain domain-specific knowledge in the Biomedical
Informatics field.

·         Bachelor’s degree in biomedical informatics, computer and
information science, computer science engineering or an equivalent
combination of education and experience.

*Bonus points:*

·         Practical experience with other JVM-based web frameworks.

·         Practical experience with data visualization.

·         Understanding of and ability to work on Linux.

·         Familiarity with OSX (you’re going to use a Mac laptop)

*What we bring:*

·         Access to research-oriented software development projects with
national and global deployments.

   - SVN and GIT Source control, build and testing automation.
   - Web-based task and bug management, WIKI documentation.
   - Opportunities for technology investigation.

[image: PSI]

*Kyle T Hill*
Manager, IT Talent Acquisition
khill at psi92.com

P. 614.454.6488 ext 318
C. 513.349.3594

[image: psi_icon] <http://www.psi92.com/>[image:
linkedin] <http://www.linkedin.com/company/1674945?trk=prof-0-ovw-curr_pos>[image:
twitter] <https://twitter.com/psi_92>
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