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William Osler william at oslers.us
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Hey all, 

Most things should be back up (idle2, stallman, and our websites are all working). If there's anything else that seems to be down, contact Chris or me so we can take a look at it. There may be periodic outages as our current setup is temporary, but this fall we will be doing some upgrades as mentioned, which should hopefully give us some redundancy and stability. 

Happy hacking, 
William Osler (Librewulf) 

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Hi everyone, 

Looks like we have an outage since last Saturday. It nabbed everyone while we were out of town, but the illustrious Will Osler (librewulf) is on the case. We should at least have the hackathon website up by the end of the day today, and club services are out indefinitely (but it should only be a short time). 

Sorry folks for any inconvenience, but get excited because system upgrades are coming this fall! 

-chris (notori0us) 

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