[opensource] looking for help to install Mint on a Yoga

Rick Troth rmt at casita.net
Mon Nov 10 08:26:34 EST 2014

On 11/09/2014 09:14 PM, Dennis Reeder wrote:
> I have been struggling, both desperately and unsuccessfully, to install
> Mint on a relatively new Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro.  I have installed a new mSata
> ssd into the laptop.  It is partitioned correctly.  Windows 8.1 is working
> fine from one of the partitions.  A new fresh version of Mint is installed
> in the other partition.  However I cannot get it to boot. 

Just so that we have the picture, Windows is still booting "normally".

If that is the case, you might simply need to switch the active
partition flag to the Linux partition.

>  The more
> research I have done the more frustrated I have become.  Particularly since
> I believe that I am very close to having the project done....yet I still
> cannot get the machine to boot into the linux OS.   Need GRUB bootloader,
> need to disable what?  Arggghhhh.  Any hungry students that would be
> interested in assisting, redirecting, helping me?  I would be more than
> willing to compensate someone.  Anyone?

I've had several Lenovo (fmly IBM), all Thinkpads. Various flavors of
SUSE and RedHat have done really well multi-boot with Windows.

The bootstrap constructed by all Linux installers (IMX) has recognized
Windows. So when the Linux bootstrap (usually GRUB) gets control,
Windows is one of the options.

Try booting the installer and get a rescue shell and run 'fdisk'.

-- R; <><

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