[opensource] Time to Register for Ohio LinuxFest!

Chris Wallace wallace.586 at osu.edu
Tue Oct 7 13:39:13 EDT 2014

*It's time to register for the Ohio LinuxFest.*

It is coming up quickly- *October 24-26, 2014* at the Greater Columbus
Convention Center.
This email is sent as a friendly hello and reminder to past attendees.

The same quality FOSS presentations will be there this year
as well as what's new- "Makers" and Open Source,
Innovation Works and Bitcoin Film to liven things up with the newest tech.

*If you would like to see a brief newsletter summarizing some useful

If  you want to go straight to the registration page on the web site:

Thank you to many of you /who have already registered/
and thank you all for your continued support.

Susan Rose, Social Media PR for www.ohiolinux.org

*Chris Wallace*
The Ohio State University | Computer Science & Engineering 2015
President | Ohio State Open Source Club
Treasurer | Ohio State ASEE Student Chapter
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