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Chris, it denied my message. Could you please fwd this on my behalf.

Opensource people:

I'm an OSU EE alumni and currently work for Raytheon SI Government
Solutions in Melbourne Florida. Its a long way off but we have started
recruiting for next summer. If you google around you'll likely figure out
what we do.

We are looking for
​VR or Dev ​
interns along these lines for the 2015 summer break.

-CS/ECE/EE people with CTF, RE and exploitation experience
-developers with a an aptitude for low-level C/C++ (as opposed to Java, C#
and web)

It's a fun place to work and we have a lot of really smart people (the dude
that wrote 'kill' is two doors down from me). We are located at an
undisclosed location so do not trust google maps, the beach is literally
across the street, not a bad place to spend your summer.

We only hire US citizen due to the nature of our work but you do *not* need
a Clearance (to intern). Our site is focused on offense, if you are
interested in defense (boring) I can likely point you to another site.

Want to do VR/Exploitation work but don't think you have the experience
necessary? Well
summer is a ways off and assuming you are already awesome I can get a list
of source material that will help get you into interview shape by then.

​​Here is a
​fulltime ​
job posting if anyone who has already graduated wants to work on
interesting problems (Degrees are not required FYI). We need smart people,
use me as a reference!

​If you are interested in interning let me know and I'll put make sure your
name gets to wherever it needs to go.​ ​
Let me know if you have any questions, but note I am not a recruiter so it
might take me sometime to track down the correct people to answer questions.

 -Ryan Tongret
​  tongret.1 at osu.edu​​
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