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Subject: [Osu-ctf] Ghost in the Shellcode 2015 now live
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Hello Team,

Ghost in the Shellcode is now live (https://2015.ghostintheshellcode.com/).
If you would like to join the team, register for an account with your own
username/password and enter the following team name and hash:

Team Name: #bb0000#666666

Team Hash: 9FF4DC50934A928EC7B931DBD68F28BE7C1129DA

If you do not have access to the Team's Google Drive, please send an email
to the team's Gmail account (see https://u.osu.edu/osuctf/ctf/). Or my CTF
email (cetfor at gmail.com) and we'll get you access to the share ASAP.

Good luck, have fun! Remember, if it starts to become frustrating, take a
break, these are supposed to be fun! Next Tuesday we'll go over problems
and discuss what worked, what didn't, and how to can improve communication
and collaboration during future CTFs.


John Toterhi
Cyber Computer Scientist
Cyber Innovations - Mission Focused Tools
Office: 614.424.3681 | Fax: 614.458.3681
toterhij at battelle.org<mailto:toterhij at battelle.org>
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