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Rick Troth rmt at casita.net
Mon Mar 2 16:38:58 EST 2015

cross-post to COLUG and OSU OSC

This note is not specifically Linux, but my world is heavily "Linux on
z" (mainframe). SHARE is the original users group, terribly IBM centric,
but for some attendees is as enjoyable/useful as OLF is for us.

I am not attending the conference, but am following it closely this
go-round. Some topics of personal interest include SystemD and KVM. The
"LVM" project at the SHARE conference is "Linux and VM" (meaning z/VM;
details omitted). If any of the topics covered spark interest in a
COLUGger or two, do let me know. OSU OSC people may land in related work
after graduation, so here is a glimpse of that playing field.



SHARE began in 1955. When I first knew of it, there was a lot of
involvement; began attending the conference when working at a university
in Texas.

Other "projects" at this conference include operating systems z/OS (aka
MVS, mainframe stereotype) and AIX (so is not exclusively mainframe HW).
Other MF op sys include VSE and TPF. (Solaris was ported to mainframe,
but no longer active.) Systems such as CICS and JES and MQ and Websphere
are non-op-sys environments "up stack". IMS and DB2 are databases.

-- R; <><

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