[opensource] IMPORTANT- Volunteering with the Open Source Club (Multiple Opportunities)

Chris Wallace wallace.586 at osu.edu
Thu Mar 26 16:19:27 EDT 2015

Hi everyone,

Please note the following volunteer opportunities. Volunteering gives
the club $75 an hour. If you have ever eaten our pizza, please help us
out by doing your part.

_As an additional incentive, those who volunteer will receive an Open
Source Club name tag._

Please let me know if you volunteer too, that'd be great :)


        EEIC Creative Writing and Arts Showcase Event

/This counts for double hours/

A great idea is only as effective as the innovator’s ability to
communicate it to others. The EEIC Creative Writing and Arts Showcase
Event gives engineering students the opportunity to showcase their
creativity and communicate an idea to others. Submissions were welcomed
in 6 categories and the event, in E100 Scott Lab from 1-4 pm on March
31, 2015, will show off these creative submissions.

  * Volunteers needed: 2-3 per shift
  * Date: Tuesday March 31st
  * 12pm-1pm (Set-Up)
  * 1pm-2pm (Greet, Circulate, and Mingle)
  * 2pm-3pm (Greet, Circulate, and Mingle)
  * 3pm-4pm (Greet, Circulate, and Mingle)
  * 4pm-5pm (Tear Down)
  * Meeting Location: Scott Lab E100
  * http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0e4aa8a92ba0fc1-eeic

        Engineering Design Showcase

The Engineering Design Showcase is a showcase where all of the senior
design projects display what they have been working on all year long.
Volunteers will be assembling metal grids with zip ties for posters. We
will provide a very brief training on how to assemble the grids, it is
not very difficult. The morning group will also arrange the grids in the
ballroom. This group will also be taping foam core boards to the grids
for the posters to hang on and passing out tacks for the posters. The
afternoon group will be disassembling the grids from the morning. This
group will also be stacking the various grid components for pickup by
the vendor. This group will also be doing some general cleanup of the venue.

  * Volunteers needed: 30 per shift
  * Date: Tuesday April 28th
  * 7am-8:30am (Set-Up)
  * 8:30am-10am (Set-Up)
  * 3pm-4pm (Tear Down)
  * 4pm-5pm (Tear Down)
  * Meeting Location: Grand Ballroom- Ohio Union
  * http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0e4aa8a92ba0fc1-engineering

        SWE 5K and Volleyball Tournament

SWE will be hosting its second annual 5k and volleyball tournament. The
money fundraised from the event will be given to the Metro School,
Ohio’s first all STEM education high school.

  * Date: Sunday, April 12th
  * 7pm-9pm (Set-Up)
  * 7pm-9:30pm (Registration)
  * 7pm-10pm (Tshirt and Raffle Sales)
  * 7:30pm-10pm (Volleyball Referees)
  * 9pm-10pm (5K Time Keepers)
  * Meeting Location: Fred Beekman Park Volleyball Shelter
  * http://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0e4aa8a92ba0fc1-swe5kvolleyball

*Chris Wallace*
The Ohio State University | Computer Science & Engineering 2015
President | Open Source Club
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