[opensource] Creating an oral history of bots in #osuosc

Ben Keith keith.146 at buckeyemail.osu.edu
Tue Apr 12 18:40:16 EDT 2016

Hi friends!

Do you run a bot in the Open Source Club IRC channels? Have you ever run a
bot in the Open Source Club channels? Do you have opinions on bots that you
would like to share?

I'm collecting an oral history of bots in #osuosc on Freenode, and its
predecessor channel, #osu_osc. Sister channel #cwdg may be mentioned in
passing. The responses will be collected, edited, and then published on

Your memories and assistance in this endeavor will be greatly appreciated.
The goal is to have a better organizational memory, and bots are a
significant portion of our channels' traffic.

If you've ever run a bot, I'd like to know as much as possible about your

   - What was the bot called? Why?
   - Is the bot's source code publicly accessible?
   - What did the bot do? Why did you make the bot do that?
   - When did the bot first join the channel, and if it shut down, when did
   it leave?
   - What was the bot notable for? Did it ever do anything unexpected?
   - What was your favorite interaction with the bot?
   - What did you learn from making the bot?
   - Did you use the bot for anything outside of #osuosc? (jenni and its
   offspring willie/sopel are prime examples of this)
   - What is one thing people should know about your bot?

If you're responsible for multiple bots, please respond for as many as you
remember the answers to.

If you've never run a bot, I still have questions for you!

   - Have you ever considered running a bot? What sort of bot would you run?
   - Why is $bot your favorite bot?
   - If you've blocked bots, why did you block them?
   - Wha's your opinion on the channel's bots in general?

If you would like to respond, but do not want to be published, I will
respect that desire. Pseudonymous responses are totally okay. Some people
are better known by their IRC nicknames than by the names they use when
making appointments.

I also accept encrypted emails; my fingerprint
is 4C2DF6E4592587CB9DCF8CBFE6E2B01DC9C601F7

This project is inspired in part by Source's Bot Week, an annual discussion
of bots in newsrooms:


*Ben Keith*
keith.146 at osu.edu
(I maintain Sadface)
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