[opensource] Open Source Club: The Week Of March 5th Meeting and Announcements

Christopher Davis davis.5373 at buckeyemail.osu.edu
Tue Mar 6 23:10:54 EST 2018

Hey everyone!

This week another alumni, J3RN, is coming in to give a talk. Summary below:


How many times have you sat in a lecture and wondered to yourself "When
will I ever use this?" In some cases, you are fully justified in
doubting your studies. However, in many other cases what you are
learning will be useful in ways you might not expect (*cough*technical
interviews*cough*). In my talk, I aim to help you sort the diamonds from
the rough and suggest which textbooks you can burn and which you may
want to keep around. Lastly, I'll provide some suggestions for how you
may want to spend your time out of the classroom in order to truly take
advantage of college life.

The talk is at 7:30 PM, Caldwell Lab 120 this Thursday. Free pizza will
be provided. Hope you have a good week!


Christopher Davis, Undergraduate
Public Relations Officer | Open Source Club at The Ohio State University
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