[opensource] Open Source Club Week Of November 13 Meetings And Announcements

Davis, Chris davis.5373 at buckeyemail.osu.edu
Tue Nov 13 21:57:05 EST 2018

Daniel “paradigm” Thau will present Bedrock Linux, a Linux distribution
composed of software from other, typically mutually exclusive

If one would like a rock-solid stable base (for example, from Debian or
a RHEL clone) yet still have easy access to cutting-edge packages (from,
say, Arch Linux), automate compiling packages with Gentoo’s portage, and
ensure that software aimed only for the ever popular Ubuntu will run
smoothly - all at the same time, in the same distribution - Bedrock
Linux provides a means to achieve this.
> The presentation will cover the motivation behind the Bedrock Linux,
> various real-world use cases for the project, and live demos.

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