[opensource] Fwd: Columbus Code Camp: Registration is OPEN

Jeff Frontz jeff.frontz at gmail.com
Sun Sep 30 16:40:27 EDT 2018

There's some overlap of the code camp with the hackathon on the "bye"
weekend, but it's still possible to get to both!

If you're wanting to get a software job locally, this is a great place to
show your chops (by giving a talk) or to meet local recruiters (and
potential co-workers).  And there's free food!

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From: Columbus Code Camp <cmhcodecamp at gmail.com>
Date: Mon, Sep 24, 2018 at 4:14 PM
Subject: Columbus Code Camp: Registration is OPEN
To: jhf at telektrum.com

Register now for Oct 27 code camp

Register now at https://columbuscodecamp.com
CCC on Oct 27

*Registration is OPEN*

   - *Register now*
   - *Call for speakers ends soon*
   - *Speaker discovery*
   - *Other software events around central Ohio*

Central Ohio's technology-agnostic software development conference is
Saturday, Oct 27 at the Rev1 Ventures

*Register now*. Don't be shut out -- head over to Eventbrite
to register (or check the website for details: https://columbuscodecamp.com

*Still calling all speakers*. The deadline is Oct 1, so there's still time
for speakers to sign up: https://bitly.com/CCC-preso
Remember: all topics of interest to software developers are welcome. So
far, we've had submissions for talks about Docker, test-first development,
webassembly, physical computing, electronics for makers, UI design, and a
whole lot more.  Can you code a Merkle tree?  Can you mindlessly list
accessibility features that make for great software? Did you just discover
a pattern, tool, or technique (it doesn't have to be your own!) that makes
your code a little more elegant?  Come talk about it!  Sign up at

*Suggest a speaker*. Many of our most interesting speakers were recruited
-- they may never have presented if we hadn't invited them. Help us
identify presenters: they are someone who is especially passionate about a
topic in software (but who might also suffer from imposter syndrome
If you know of a local cyber-celeb who should be heard (but who might be
too modest to submit a talk) let us know
<cmhcodecamp at gmail.com?subject=I%20have%20a%20speaker%20suggestion&body=It'd%20be%20really%20great%20if...>.
extend an invitation--and offer lots of encouragement!

One last reminder -- the 2018 Columbus Code Camp will be held on Saturday,
Oct. 27, at Rev1 Ventures
In the meantime...

   - If you'd be willing to volunteer to help out, please let us know
   <cmhcodecamp at gmail.com?subject=I%20want%20to%20help&body=Tell%20me%20more%20about%20volunteer%20opportunities.%0AI'm%20especially%20adept%20at...>
   - Please spread the word
   - We need to know about potential sponsors -- please tell us about your
   employer's HR and/or marketing organization
   <codecampspons at gmail.com?subject=sponsor%20info&body=Tell%20me%20more%20about%20sponsorship>

*Other software-centric events around central Ohio*

   - Ohio GIS Conference
   is Sep 24-26.
   - DogFoodCon
   is Oct 4-5.
   - CodeMash
   tickets on sale Oct 8.
   - Ohio LinuxFest
   is Oct 12-13.
   - Ohio DevFest
   is Oct 13 (Cincy).
   - Smart Regions Conference
   is Oct 25-26.
   - Ohio Digital Government Summit
   is Oct 30-31.
   - Astronaut Scott Kelly's visit
is Nov
   - BSides Columbus
   is Mar 1.
   - QA or the Highway
   is Feb 19.

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