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Casavant, Tom casavant.6 at buckeyemail.osu.edu
Wed Jul 10 17:47:20 EDT 2019

Hello Open Source Club,

Last semester I was elected as president of this club, so this is the first of many emails you’ll be receiving from me throughout the Autumn and Spring semesters.

Many of you know (and many of you don’t know) that our club helps organize PyOhio<https://www.pyohio.org/2019/> (https://www.pyohio.org/2019/), a python conference hosted at the Ohio Union which takes place July 27-28th this year.  In order for our club to get funding we have to maintain a level of volunteering at this event every year (the more volunteer hours we log the more money OSU gives us). This funding pays for the pizza we eat every week and any club swag we might decide to purchase.

This is a great opportunity to meet other club members, to experience the behind-the-scenes of a tech conference, to get volunteer hours, to network, and to add to your resume. Volunteer registration info can be found here<https://www.pyohio.org/2019/attend/volunteer/?mc_cid=88fd9319a5&mc_eid=b1570a44bf> (https://www.pyohio.org/2019/attend/volunteer/?mc_cid=88fd9319a5&mc_eid=b1570a44bf).  If you want to skip right to the registration just fill out this form<https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScWf6bfVa4HSPkFODgllfIMtbDZTy9ZgL90BvRcUXgFV-BGIA/viewform> (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScWf6bfVa4HSPkFODgllfIMtbDZTy9ZgL90BvRcUXgFV-BGIA/viewform).

If you don’t want to register to volunteer at this event, I still encourage to attend the conference (you can register on the PyOhio website for free) and listen to some of the tech talks. The complete list of PyOhio events can be found here<https://www.pyohio.org/2019/events/talks/> (https://www.pyohio.org/2019/events/talks/).

If you want to take on a larger role within the club or with the organization of this conference you can email me.

If you have any questions you can contact me via riot or via my email (casavant.6 at osu.edu<mailto:casavant.6 at osu.edu>).

Tom Casavant

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